Major Requirements

In Spring 2018, the data science undergraduate major requirements have been revised to incorporate several new data science lower-division courses. The new major requirements will be effective Fall 2018 and all students entering UC San Diego in Fall 2018 or thereafter have to follow the new requirements as described below. Students who entered the data science major prior to Fall 2018 will be allowed to use a combination of the old and new requirements as discussed in the transition policy document.

Data Science Major Requirements

The major consists of 116 units with 56 units from lower-division courses and 60 units from upper-division courses. The lower-division curriculum includes calculus and linear algebra courses for 16 units, data science courses for 28 units, and subject domain courses for 12 units. The program includes twenty units of elective courses that will enable students to embark upon an in-depth exploration of one or more areas in which data science can profitably be applied. Alternatively, students can choose to explore the mathematical, statistical, and computational foundations of data science in even greater depth.

All majors will be required to undertake a senior project that will give them an opportunity to creatively synthesize much of what they have learned in the data science courses for addressing problems in chosen domains.

Lower-division requirements (56 units)

Students are expected to complete the following fifty-six units by the end of their second year. If you are not on track to do so, please consult with the Undergraduate Advisor to ensure you are on track for your time to degree. All lower-division courses must be taken for a letter grade. A minimum grade of C- is required.

  • Mathematics (16 units): Math 18 or Math 31AH, Math 20A, Math 20B, Math 20C or Math 31BH
  • Data Science (28 units):
    • COGS 9: Introduction to Data Science
    • DSC 10: Principles of Data Science
    • DSC 20: Algorithms, Programming and Data Structures for Data Science I
    • DSC 30: Algorithms, Programming and Data Structures for Data Science II
    • DSC 40A: Theoretical Foundations of Data Science I
    • DSC 40B: Theoretical Foundations of Data Science II
    • DSC 80: The Practice and Application of Data Science
  • Subject Domain Courses (12 units): Students must choose one of the following three-course sequences (12 units)
    • Biological Sciences: BILD 1, BILD 2, and BILD 3
    • Chemistry: Chem 6A-B-C or Chem 6AH-BH-CH
    • Physics: Phy 2A-B-C

Upper-division requirements (60 units)

Students must complete 60 upper-division units. All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered Pass/No Pass only. A maximum of only 12 units of courses offered as P/NP may be taken. A minimum grade of C- is required. Students may petition to satisfy up to 8 elective units using upper-division courses not on the list below but in a subject domain of their interest. Tutoring and independent study do not count (e.g., courses numbered 195, 198, and 199). A maximum of 4 units of ENG 100L may count. Students will be expected to fulfill all prerequisites for all courses, which may entail additional coursework beyond the Data Science major requirements.

  • Core Courses (40 units)
    • MATH 183 or CSE 103 or ECE 109 or Math 181A
    • MATH 189: Data Analysis and Inference
    • DSC 110: Databases
    • DSC 120: Distributed Computing
    • DSC 170L: Visualization Laboratory
    • CSE 150: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Search and Reasoning
    • CSE 151: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Statistical Approaches
    • CSE 158: Recommender System and Web Mining
    • Senior Project (8 units): DSC 196A and 196B
  • Electives (20 units)
    • Any upper-division Data Science course not used to fulfill other requirements with the exception of DSC 197, 198, and 199.
    • Any of the following: COGS 107A-B-C, COGS 118C, 120, 121, 180, 184, and 189; CSE 100, 101, 106, 107, 127, 152, 153, 154, 156, 166, 170, 181, 182, and 184; ECE 153, 156, and 174; ENG 100L; Math 173A, 173B, 181A, 181B, 181C, and 181E.