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Welcome to the Data Science Undergraduate Program! This website provides information about the Data Science major and minor programs. These programs are very new and we expect that they will evolve as they continue to develop. Be sure to frequently consult this site as we plan to use this as a tool to provide program updates and to communicate events sponsored by our program and other departments related to this field. If you would like to be notified of this information on a weekly basis, you can sign up for our Data Science Weekly Newsletter on our Events page!

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The new major B.S. in Data Science will launch Fall 2017. The primary goal for the major is to train a generation of students who are equally versed in predictive modeling, data analysis and computational techniques. In addition, students are expected to obtain an undergraduate-level expertise in a specific subject area outside of data science. The major is sponsored by the Departments of Cognitive Science, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and Mathematics. While the program is currently administered by these programs, Data Science is it's own interdisciplinary program. For this reason, this program is not part of the Jacob's School of Engineering, and not considered an engineering major at this time.

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